Timber Flooring Adelaide

Solid Timber floors add substantial value to your home, provide exceptional wear qualities and timeless elegance. Colours and types of timber flooring in Adelaide are extremely versatile and will complement any style or home. Timber flooring can be installed in direct stick method over flat and structurally sound surface, or they can be installed over the joists / battens. Common board widths are: 60, 80, 130, and 180mm and custom-made sizes reach from 200 to 240mm.

Features and Benefits:

– The classic style of solid hardwood makes it virtually fashion-proof. A polished timber floor will look as stylish in 20 years’ time as it does today
– Extremely easy to clean and maintain
– The environmental choice – timber is one of the world’s few truly renewable resources
– Comes with a Boral structural warranty when installed to Boral’s specifications
– A long lasting floor covering that can be refinished many times
– A timber sub-floor gives easy access to the underfloor for plumbing or ducted heating, or to repair wiring
– Insulation and warmth underneath feet unlike tiles